June 1, 2009

Contact Lens and Solution Interactions as a Function of Time

Dr. Renee Garofalo serves as Associate Director of Research and Development at Alcon R&D.  She describes her pioneering work in preservative uptake and release – specifically how lenses and solutions interact and how the resultant uptake and release of disinfectant impacts corneal integrity in the lens wearer.

Her work uncovered compelling evidence that corneal staining is a time and material and solution dependent phenomenon.  This allowed prediction of peak staining times for each combination.  The consequences of this have been substantial both for clinicians as well as in the design and testing of new lens car products.

Future directions for study include investigation of inflammatory consequences of corneal disturbance, the impact of corneal compromise on barrier function and the interrelation between lens related surface damage and dry eye.

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     Basic Science
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